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Friday, 20 February 2009
The results are in!

Well, it has been a wee while now since we loosed our latest noise-offerings on folks far and wide. Fortunately, I am very happy to report that everyone so far has been saying very nice things and aside from the very occasional, very mild backhanded compliment or (by now somewhat expected) comparison to certain other laptop-bearing musical outfits, I would say we are resoundingly chuffed!

A few highlights appear at the end of this newsbit, with links to the kind people who said the nice things. If you have the time please do give them a wee peruse as they are all most worthy of your attention.

In other news, we have a couple of announcements:


Our next is in Glasgow on Saturday the 7th of March, arranged in conjunction with The List by the lovely promoter-folks Aerials. Playing for our first time at The Twisted Wheel we are most chuffed to be playing alongside the mighty Super Adventure Club and Tom Snowball. Kick off is at 8PM and entry is a fiver.

We are also most excited to be able to say, that on April 4th we shall be playing Glasgow again at Nice and Sleazies supporting Jonah Matranga (Formerly of Far, onelinedrawing, New End Original and Gratitude). Also playing on the night are the organiser of the event in question Dave Hughes and local band Carnivores. Will be in touch soon with ticket info!

Finally, we are most flattered to be asked to come in and do a live session for Air3's Brand Spanking New Music Show.
Part of Stirling University Radio, these guys have pulled a veritable embarrassment of excellent musical talent through their studios and come 4PM on April the 9th we shall be doing our best to live up to their considerable reputation of quality sounds. (I nearly made a "Sterling/Stirling quality" pun, but stopped myself in time). You can listen live every Thursday at 4 by clicking to www.air3live.com and I highly suggest you do as they have some cracking sessions lined up!

And thats about it just now, a brief reminder though that you can download our latest single from our online store (for FREEEE!) at bandcamp.com, and if you wish to know what we are up to with regards to recording new songs and day-to-day gubbins, as well as getting in touch through our website, you can also now follow us on Twitter (well, the NOW part is a bit misleading, and before yet another mention of Twitter, the largely pointless but quite fun actually website triggers collective teeth-gnashing and growlings of "That bloody site again!" having seen it plastered everywhere it seems these days, may I just assure you we signed up a while ago, well, I did, not to be "ahead of the curve", but pretty much just to stalk Stephen Fry in what is apparently a socially acceptable manner...).

Hope you are most well, speak to you soon!



Kind words from generous people about our new tunes:
(Many mighty thanks to all concerned!)

“Scottish duo Sixpeopleaway continue to impress with this latest offering. While the elegant simplicity of 'Say It's Simple' is a pleasantly accessible if unorthodox pop song, Sixpeopleaway's real appeal lies in the lead two tracks. The distorted crunch that bites halfway through 'If Then Else' is almost certain to catch you off guard, its harder-edged menace jarring against the minimal atmospherics of 'Eve'. Frontman Alistair Merrick is another ace in the hole, his fragile vocal fitting as well with melancholia as it does with chaos… this is solid, convincing stuff. Sixpeopleaway have the tunes, drive and innovation to become a serious proposition in 2009. Promising stuff.”

4/5, Rockmidgets.com

“Light and airy pop – on the surface at least, however, for every hook-in-the-making there’s a sudden about-turn, an extra mile before the chart-friendly chorus that never comes. The lead track is a case in point, a joyous jumble of twists as the seemingly inevitable never quite arrives… makes for an intriguing listen; challenging yet very palatable.”

4/5, Is This Music?

“Glasgow based troubadors sixpeopleaway return with a new single. The Duo are masters of angular acoustic vibes with a clever line in electro backbeats. 'If.Then.Else' is no exception, a hugely vibrant collision with distortion-fuelled, yet controlled beauty. The band have side-stepped neatly into new worlds...”

Fuse Online Magazine

“Long Time Favorites of MNS Glasgow duo sixpeopleaway have done it again with this superb AA side single. One to watch.”

Single of The Month, Music News Scotland

“Sixpeopleaway have been causing a stir in the past couple of years on the underground scene making melodic and warming music. Taking influences from people such as Fourtet to Green Day to Biffy Clyro to Radiohead, the duo take fractions of each influence and glue them together to create their own blend of alternative electronic music.”

The Stashbox

“Double A-side If.Then.Else/Eve suggests the duo possess enough ardour to outlast the competition… the future continues to look bright for sixpeopleaway.”

The Skinny